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Five minutes later, the silent bathing center suddenly boiled. ...

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The population of Tanacross is only 30,000, and the resident population in winter is only 20,000, but it can be regarded as a relatively large town in Alaska. Except for Anchorage, other towns in Alaska are quite small, including Juneau, the capital city with an international airport.

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Compared with his reckless and martial brother, Luo Daifang has a much calmer personality. This person has been circulating on the fringes of officialdom and shopping malls, and his business has been booming recently. Despite this, he is still quite low-key, and even rarely attends the so-called Young Master Party gatherings—perhaps because of this, many Young Master Party members in Jiangcheng have some kind of respect for him, including Jiang Zhihua.

"Brother Shaoyan, what do you think of my swimming movements?" When the rock man was feeling uncomfortable and crying in secret, the girl suddenly stood up and threw herself into his arms!

Zhanbigao was still hesitating, frowning, puzzled. However, his subordinates were panicked, especially the seven or eight people who were holding up the iron ball were all soaked in gasoline, and they were even more flustered.

Immediately, he moved like the wind, and within a few minutes, Zhang Qiyuan's twenty or so teeth were all turned into underground garbage.

Dugu Linfeng's face was a bit gloomy, and he lost 8.1 million in less than 20 minutes, especially when he failed in the direct dialogue with Chu Shaoyan, which made his sinister eyes add a bit of ruthlessness.

"Zhang Qiyuan, you must treat my cousin well!" The rock man held Zhang Qiyuan's hand before parting.


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