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These two people want revenge and make a comeback, all of which can be said to be traceable. ... how many years is a typical boat loan

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It was from that time that Elder Lingbao finally remembered the girl's name. .

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Before the four of them could breathe a sigh of relief, An Ran reappeared mysteriously. ...

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Seeing that something was wrong, Xuanxin endured the severe pain of the ancient sword killing the body, urged a little of the power of the ancient sword, and with the help of the violent collision with the fairy soldier, the whole person retreated and flew back.

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"A fairy bridge leads to the other side!"

"Investigate things to know, Tao to understand all things, I have only taken a small step."

"The people of Jianzong have shrunk, so what about you Xianqin?"

Therefore, Bai Yueyao's attack was only blocked for a moment, and immediately following the girl's soft cry of "huh~!", all its defenses were completely broken.

fairy bridge leads to the other side, and there is a fairy palace on the other side, which is eternal and immeasurable, and the name is Xiantian!

After breaking up with Zhaixinglou, he used his previous favors and paid almost all of his remaining wealth to finally invite another fairy king, and at all costs...to kill that nasty boy... kill.

An Ran was listening quietly on the side.

It is also not like in the myths and legends, those ancient ancestors saw the sacredness and realized the Tao, comprehending one kind of magical power after another.

"Overall, only these three places are worth visiting!"

"Neuropathy!" .

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The world is so big, where can we not go? .

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