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【when an owner puts money into business is it paid in capital or loan 】 Yinyin frowned deeply. 。

A large amount of earth, rocks and mud were cleared out, and the warriors who were buried in the ground were rescued. The strength of Danzhu and his group is so great that a landslide of this magnitude is nothing in the eyes of these chief patriarchs.

"What I call the best strategy will take a long, long time, and the mobilization of manpower is even more numerous, and the results will not be seen immediately, because the original intention of water control is to protect the people and the land, not just for the sake of water control."

Mentioning this, Wen Ming looked a little disdainful.

"The three families share one cow, so why don't I go to the public land to rent it?"

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First of all, he was a bull totem patriarch, and then he was like Chisongzi. He worked in this company for a while, and then thought that the leadership of this leader was not very good, so he started to change jobs.
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Yangdi Mountain is the place where an ancient emperor who lost his name and title once stayed. People in the world now call it "Yangdi". It is impossible to verify the age of this emperor, but Chi Du can be sure. One point, if he is still alive, then Sanmiao will definitely suffer heavy losses.
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"In the sixty-seventh year of Emperor Tao Tang, the great cold disappeared, and the beginning of spring arrived."
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The people of the southern tribes call the big figures in the Central Plains the big leaders to show their respect. Of course, they are indeed the big leaders in the Central Plains. Great engineer, great musician, great Sikong... After all, whoever is above them is already an "emperor".
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Seeing those flower-faced tattoos, after getting off the boat, Yanzai opened his mouth and closed his mouth about Akunda's Yueren, thinking of what his archaeologist teammate said.
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Dayi stands among the reefs, and this is the "Wojiao"!
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The prosperity of the tribe drives the prosperity of the cooperative, and then it burns across the entire south like a prairie fire. In this way, there will be more famous people who "come here for fame", and then drive the construction and development of the entire south.
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"Two tusks...."
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