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【how does a gift work for a mortgage 】 All the methods were used together, the killing sound was loud, and blood was spilled all the time. 。

A legendary seventh-rank Gu can give Su Ran a first-rank spiritual Gu, two for each, and a first-rank legendary Gu.

Seeing Wang Baiji's father and daughter singing together, Guan Xiang's expression became a little gloomy.

Of course, Gu worms can be revived by downgrading and pupating, and then repeatedly upgrading, so that they have unlimited lifespan.

With Ouyang Qi, this battle must be won, and the battle has been revealed, even if Su Ran is a shadow guard, he must not go back on his word.

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Inheritance land, only rank five Gu masters can enter.
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Half a month ago, Su Ran set off from Beiyuan City to the Central Region. He passed through two cities in one day and thirty cities in a row. He only arrived at Nushan City today.
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In the past ten days, the elite competition held in Wangu Building was in full swing, and yesterday, the final battle was completed, and the top 20 candidates of the Wang clan and the shadow guards had been drawn.
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For example, why should we choose the elites of the fifth and sixth ranks instead of the seventh and eighth ranks of Gu masters.
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With two top-level fourth-rank Gu arts, plus the basic power of explosion, it should be no problem to beat most fourth-rank Gu masters.
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Whether you are a senior member of the Wang clan depends on your position and authority, regardless of your cultivation.
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"Two hours...then let's go to the yellow-spotted python herd first."
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The sound of running water is from far to near, a lot of it.
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