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As soon as he was in a good mood, Lu Xi found the state of a proud boy full of confidence in front of others. .

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He doesn't understand why he is like this, or he understands a little bit, but he thinks, it's impossible, right? Deng Chang is a boy? ...

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Said that Cao Cao and Cao Cao would be there, Wang Lili appeared in front of the two of them, carrying a plate, followed by a few young ladies who were not familiar with each other.

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He didn't regard Liu Xinyu as an opponent at all.

Probably because of the sudden appearance of such a large area of black posts, it was intentional at first glance, and Deng Chang has always had a good reputation among ice fans. Everyone attacked the posting crowd, and the "sb" post quickly became popular.

A man wearing a wine-red silk shirt stood outside the ice rink. He had light blonde short fluffy hair, sea-blue eyes, and a tall and thin nose bridge as sharp as a knife. Under the light, his facial features were extremely deep and handsome.

Deng Chang had already changed into pajamas, a black T-shirt, and knee shorts, and came out of the kitchen with a light yellow mug in the shape of a puppy in his hand.

It's just for fun, in order not to waste tens of thousands of ice skates, with this idea, Lu Xi can stand on the ice more easily, and at the age of seventeen, return to the mentality of seven years old.

Lucy walked happily to the waiting area for the top three. Jayers, who had just been squeezed to fourth place, went off with a dark face. He had hoped that Lucy and Orihara Chisato would win a medal for him with a series of terrible mistakes, but now he has no chance. .

Skate in half a circle, turn to slide backwards when reaching the center line of the ice rink, the center of gravity of the left foot, first the small rear outer edge, slide backwards while lowering the body, with the left hand forward and the right hand backward at 90 degrees, when the speed reaches the highest point Turn the left foot into a shallow inner edge, and quickly tighten the body to the left at the same time, touch the ice with the right foot, and take off!

"Yes." Deng Chang said, "But the presentation takes too much time. My suggestion is to eat first."

Deng Chang was stunned for a moment and said, "Coffee is included/Because we can't drink it."

Lucy was delighted to hear him say this: "It sounds like you are very old." .

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A boy who is loved seriously, a boy who deserves to be loved by everyone. .

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