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test. commercial va business loan Qin Mo was supported and lay beside Song Jing. It was rare for him to wake up and the people around him fell asleep in such a long time. He turned his head and kept looking at the people around him, and closed his eyes in embarrassment for a long time. He closed his eyes, he knew that he was too emotional today, he spread all the grievances in his stomach on Song Jing, Song Jing didn't wake up and he couldn't sleep well, he woke up again and again, because of difficulty in breathing, Zhou Hai propped up his pillow and put on nasal oxygen, but Song Jing was still asleep every time he woke up. ….

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Song Jing drank another glass, he closed his eyes for a while, he knew that Lin Yelan was really nervous about this matter; .

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"Be good, hold on, Dad won't let you die, Xing'er, be good, Xing'er has survived every time, and this time I will definitely be able to survive this time, hold on, it will be fine in a while..." ...

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Qin Mo didn't turn around when he heard the movement;

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The person on the bed didn't have much strength, but he still nodded, at least his head didn't hurt so much, Zhou Hai left essential oil before he left;

Song Jing understood;

"What do these places usually feel like?"

"I'm not afraid, Xing'er, you are obedient, let me go and let me go with you."

The Qin Corporation did not start out as a medical practitioner, but in recent years, the domestic high-end medical market has yet to be filled with technologies. Qin Mo invested a large sum of money to build a research and development laboratory. In the past three years, Song Jing has deployed manpower to enter the The core research field of the laboratory, once he leaves Qin Mo, he will naturally have to guard against the other party's counterattack. The previous bid made Qin's lose the two lands, but it was just a trial, and it would only confuse Qin Mo for a while. , and the medical information at the core of the laboratory is the final bargaining chip against Qin Mo.

"You created me, so you are my father. Without you, there would never be me. Dad, please do me a favor. Come back and help me and master. Master now writes the law of heaven, every day He can only rest for an hour or two, his celestial body has just been reshaped, he will get tired if he continues like this, you should feel sorry for Master if you don’t feel sorry for me!"

"If you have this time, you might as well look at your head."

The cases that Huang Yangqing inquired about before are still there, and it is normal for heart failure to be unable to withstand the interrogation.

"Should I call Wu Run?"

Mo Lingxiao had the feeling that Su Nian was by his side. Combined with his feeling just now, he felt more and more that what he perceived was correct, but he had slept for too long, his legs and feet had already become numb. Before he could stand up completely, his legs trembled and he fell straight down. .

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Qin Mo snorted lightly; .

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