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This is an attribute of the whole body. Like extreme heat, it needs to be activated by Su Ran. ... how does self credit work

test. how to rent when you have bad credit For a duel between first-rank Gu masters, one defensive Gu is enough, but for fourth-rank Gu masters, at least three defensive Gu are required to attack with all their strength. ….

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"Fourth Grade Spirit Gu?" .

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"Welcome the guests!" ...

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After mentally calculating the cost of cultivating a third-rank Gu to the extreme, twenty-five second-rank Gu can be upgraded to a third-rank Gu, and the value of a third-rank Gu is around 12,500 secret stones. For the ultimate level, about 60,000 secret stones are needed.

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Wang Qinshu left, and Su Ran began to sort out the harvest of the war.

If the elders of the fourth grade clan could come back, they would have come back a long time ago.

"The Ouyang family has used the third-rank legendary Gu worm Shuanglu fixed breath Gu. It seems that the third-rank Gu master of the Ouyang family has the upper hand and is chasing the enemy."

A few people had no doubts and immediately dispersed.

Ouyang Qing was shocked.

If you want to become stronger, there is only one way, which is to directly capture the high-grade heavy energy Gu source, and then integrate it.

After taking it, I will owe another big favor.

As soon as the third-grade spiritual hood was released, the defense of consciousness increased greatly, but the impact of violent ape's consciousness attack on Su Ran was greatly reduced.

Being touched by the Illusory Immortal Gu twice, Su Ran guessed that there might be something attracting the Illusory Immortal Gu.

【Transformation】 .

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And in the Three Immortals Garden. .

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