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A hoarse voice came from the Gu controller again: "Stop them, at all costs!" ... how likely will i be denied for a private student loan?

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The Immortal Gu is not afraid of the Mist Worm, and the Immortal Gu is also not afraid of the Mist Worm. If Su Ran gets the help of the Immortal Gu in Qishengqin, it is natural that he can resist the corrosion of the mist. ...

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Domineering, Murderous, and Evil Qi are three sub-inheritance areas. Although Su Ran has never been to the last two, but don't think about it, all three are left by Saint Feixian. The situation in the inheritance area should be similar.

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However, there is no time for the Gu masters to test the truth of Xi's old saying.

And on the chessboard, half of the size of the Tianzhu chess pieces disappeared.

"You want to kill me?" Su Ran looked at Chang Kongming strangely, his eyes were very light, and there was an inexplicable meaning.

Zong Zu was startled, not because Su Ran showed some poisonous power, but because Su Ran dared to jump out of the protective gas shield condensed by a ninth-rank Gu master!

He was short of breath.

Of course, harvesting a large number of small spiritual enlightenment fruits may also affect the magma area, but he can't just pick nothing if he doesn't care about that much.

'What did Old Xi say? '

Niu Ran's right fist was melted again.

After the banquet and laughter, at a certain moment, Su Ran sensed something strange in Fang Tian's bag, and his mind moved slightly. He bid farewell to everyone and entered the underground secret room.

Yue Nuer looked at it and sighed: "Three years, Zhongyu Continent can exist for three years at most. Your previous efforts are meaningless. In three years, it is impossible for Qu Jinghong to get the Living Soil Gu." .

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There will be no worries about facing the ancestor of Heikui directly. .

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