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【how to get student loan forgive.ess 】 This battle is called the Battle of the Return of Thousand Demons. " 。

Beside the small building by the lake, Su Ran and Prince Jiong had a happy chat and set up wine and dishes.

After the end of life, he lives in the Mountain of Brutality, but he can live on forever.

Weak bodies of water have a tendency to collapse.

Immortal Gu's intelligence is not bad.

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The six of them didn't leave, nor did they go after Su Ran.
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Speaking on behalf of the Xian Dynasty, the other party will not be able to achieve the purpose of this trip.
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"Yes, my Lord Thousand Demons!"
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"Yeah, eh..."
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Nan Shanhou, a dignified Rank 5 Gu Immortal, was captured alive in a few hits, I'm afraid that an ordinary Rank 6 Gu Immortal would not be able to do it!
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Let's talk about Kanyue's consummation first.
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Su Ran's extreme domain power has almost become a plaything in the eyes of the boss.
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Su Ran: "Investigate that slave trader, and if possible, also investigate the origins of those nine people."
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