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What Su Ran is most concerned about is that after becoming a shadow guard, Wan Gu Building will provide a fifth-grade Gu worm for free. ... what is the highest apr for a car loan

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"The mouth is really hard!" .

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"Well, this is a big opportunity." ...

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But there were no signs of a fight nearby.

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It can give Su Ran a fairer chance to exchange Gu.


The situation is clear.

Su Ran guessed right, Xiling City is also very popular.

"Although this Gu box is specially made, Gu pupae have existed for thousands of years after all, I wonder how many live Gu can be produced."

"Beep, beep." Immortal Gu gave feedback.

Both Wang Geman and Lin You nodded.

Must be fully focused!

Let him go, whether he lives or dies, everyone enters the inheritance place more for a chance.

In all kinds of inheritance places, dead people are common, and a sixth-rank inheritance can kill many fifth-rank Gu masters. .

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Wang Baige pointed to the handsome young man beside him and said loudly: .

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