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The first ray of sunlight in the early morning of the next day passed through the glass and shone on Chu Shaoyan's messy room; at this moment in the room, Chu Shaoyan slowly opened his eyes. The sun shone on his face, and it looked much sunnier than usual. ... risk free rate vs interest rate

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Not only Wang Sanpang, but if other people did not satisfy Zhao Jun, Zhao Jun would treat them like Wang Sanpang. .

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Chen Zhiyuan's words made Chu Shaoyan very depressed! Although what Chen Zhiyuan said was true, if the substandard quality of steel bars really caused the collapse accident, then Chu Shaoyan's construction company could indeed recover the losses from that company through legal means!

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"Do you think this method is very useful?"

"Come on, why don't you do the right thing? We'll make another one later. Compared with yours, ours is like playing tricks."

After the smoke cleared, Feng Jun finally rushed over.

Seeing Guo Hu's changing expression, Sheng Hui knew what Guo Hu was hesitating about.

"Old Fang, there is something I want to discuss with you. It's like this. You know, Xiao Wang has fought against the guys from the special warfare brigade a few times. The guys from the special warfare brigade admire him very much. Can you Transfer Xiao Wang to our special warfare brigade?"

Therefore, he has been planning to escape from the army.

Wang Sanpang faltered and said this sentence.

Wang Sanpang took his admission notice from Sheng Hui, and sure enough, the Special Operations Department of NJ's Army Command Academy is exactly as the head said.

"Shoot in line order!" .

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So, when Wang Sanpang and the others finished singing at the entrance of the cafeteria and walked in, they saw two old men sitting at their table, and they were a little puzzled. .

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