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It's just that he just came to the side of the road, and the feeling of being followed yesterday reappeared, which made him frown. ... small business loan for bad credit start

test. how to get small personal loan with bad credit Qian Shan took another two steps forward, glanced at Sun Hongsheng, then turned to look at Chen Kaifeng, and said with a smile: "Manager Chen, right?" ….

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Boxing matches do not wear shirts, so boxers have to defend not only the head, but also the weaker places such as the side ribs. Qian Shan is a sparring partner and wears protective gear on his upper body, so naturally he does not have to worry about his side ribs be attacked. .

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Zhao Feifei showed a smile, it seems that this guy really made money, and was about to reply, when he looked up, he saw a few people walking into the club aggressively, so he hurriedly got up and asked: "Hi everyone, may I help you?" Is it?" ...

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But in the small place of Lu'an City, although there are venues for learning fighting, they are basically places like training classes, and there is no such large venue as a boxing club. If you want to go to such a place to exercise, Lu'an City seems to be not enough .

Picking up a chopstick and stirring in the pot, he explained: "This is how the potion is boiled. Let you feel it. After a while, there will be a wonderful change in the taste. If you can't help it, remember to put it in the pot as soon as possible. The range hood is on."

"Hello, can I ask you to be your partner?" The big man looked fierce and had tattoos on his arms, but when he spoke, his voice seemed a bit simple and honest.

"Do you think our 'Tanlu Detective Agency' is really vegetarian? Recently we have been tracking and investigating the big figures behind the 'Hong Lianshe'. We still have all their information, and even placed some bugs in those people's residences. Could it be that something happened at the clubhouse of the Butterfly Gang this morning, so Jin Shangbang was frightened and shrunk the power of the Golden Dragon Gang?"

"Looking for trouble?" Lei Xin was a little puzzled.

After returning home, Qian Shan found out the rest of the medicinal powder and began to prepare the medicinal bath. After all, he suffered a slight injury today, and it was also a good time to practice, so he couldn't miss it...


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