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On the contrary, Immortal Immortal Gu found a group of rats in the soil layer. These rats had big belly, long body and thin head. Immortal Immortal Gu then used the power to break the void to put the square bag into the belly of the rat with the largest belly. ... 0 interest loans fair credit

test. grantor vs grantee mortgage When it comes to the growth of basic strength, Su Ran actually mainly relies on his arms, flesh, bones and tendons, which are basically six attributes, which are equivalent to six aggressive single-attribute Gu worms. ….

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Moreover, there is a premise. .

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A Gu Master of the Lin Family recognized this place and shouted: "This is the Chushan Stone Forest in the Central Region!" ...

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"Dudu." Immortal Gu's eyeballs started to spin, his eyes were a little blurred, as if he was blaming himself for not living up to expectations.

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Su Ran was amazed.

Under the fighting platform, Ouyang Qi appeared in Su Ran's eyes together with Wang Geman, and showed four streaks of blood and fire.

Su Ran walked towards the city gate normally, not planning to avoid Moon Hunter.

"I got acquainted with Wang Fushan not because I wanted to join the Wang Family's Gu Guards, I don't like the benefits of betting on Gu wars.

The Flowing Bead Gu had used the Mi Bead Shuttle before, and it wasted a lot. After Wang Gouyan used a large number of rare healing Gu and various pure Gu sources, the Liumi Bead Gu had recovered in advance, and he could use the Mi Bead Shuttle again.

Su Ran made another move.

And the man with the face of a prince next to the handsome man showed the order of imperial immortality.

Perhaps, this is genius.

There are not a few people who suspect that Wangulou, Changkong's family, and Lin's family cooperated to deliberately release smoke bombs.

Moreover, the upper limit of Mythical Gu's strengthening is six times, not five times, which is also consistent with Su Ran's previous guess about the source attribute. .

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The reason for this situation may be related to the deep-seated application of qi, which Su Ran doesn't quite understand. .

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