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Ye Zuoyou broke the breakthrough, Xie Yi and Xia Lei also followed, Xie Yi walked to the side of the two, with a proud face: "Should I come, your savior, I have come!" ... bankruptcy friendly small loan

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"Song Xuan always came to our house when she was young. At that time, my mother was still there. Every time she came over, my mother would prepare gifts for her. Sometimes it was a beautiful dress, and sometimes it was a gadget that girls like. She was very happy. Stinky, at that time every day my brother and brother kept yelling just to show me that her skirt looks good, don’t you think girls’ skirts are all like that?” .

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"Don't eat, stingy, didn't I let you read the documents? Let's go, it's noon, what do you want to eat?" ...

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"Okay, my master Qin, it's not the first time I've come to the company. Your waist has supported me enough this morning. You were tired all day yesterday. You can take a good rest today. I'll go Just have a meeting."

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"Where are we going to dig?" Li Feng asked.

The audience was even more satisfied, they didn't have to care about Song Yu'an's gaze, they could watch it for as long as they wanted!

"Dean? What's the matter? Is this a difficult question for Mr. Song?"

Ye Zuoyou added a few pieces of firewood to the fire, took out a sleeping bag from his backpack, and found a toothbrush. Just as he was about to wash up, he saw Zhang Ming running over in a panic.

"Did you just cuddle with that little thing during the day? You have the smell of milk in your arms, and you can give me a hug at this moment in the evening. If you don't let me, you have been snatched away by him now."

Zhang Ming: "Whose is that?"

I thought that the results would come out in the morning, but I didn't expect that the lunch at noon was delivered to Wu Run and the two of them hadn't come yet, Song Jing didn't want to think about it;

Ye Zuoyou looked into the distance, intending to observe the direction in which the wolves left.

Listening to his words, Song Jing's heart kept going up and down;

Ye Zuoyou was too lazy to argue with Xie Yi, so he took out a ganoderma lucidum from his backpack and threw it at him. .

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Ye Zuoyou didn't say much, just said: "Time is a little tight, let's go first." .

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