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The number of words updated every day remains the same, but two chapters become one chapter. .

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The road to invincibility is the most difficult before becoming a fairy. The belief in invincibility cannot be broken, and there must be no defeat.

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"Don't worry, Mr. Hen, I will bring you a huge return that you can't think of." Su Ran said seriously, he really needs domain Gu, so he can't do without opening his mouth.

Needless to say, the moon body and tactics.

If he killed him, he would get nothing, and if he didn't kill him, there would be no benefit.

"Is it just one kind?"

"Golden text, golden pages, could it be...there is a connection between the two?" Su Ran was confused.

Su Ran is now a rank three Moon Immortal, with the power of true poison, he is sure to sweep all rank three Gu Immortals.

Gong Jiuhuang continued: "The Gu master's cultivation depends entirely on the Gu worms. After the Gu becomes immortal, the blood and fire can no longer control the Gu worms. At this time, people need to become immortals.

Beautiful city!

The power that Qishengqin can exert depends on the piano itself and the player.

His current courtyard is exclusive to him, besides him, there is only Yue Nuer living there. .

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"Su Ran, I have to say that you are very special. I can't see through your strength, but you can't win the second rank at the first rank. Today, let me sacrifice your death at the price of two Immortal Gu!" .

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