small busisness afminstration loan report to personal credit report
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【small scale industry loan california 】 。

"What are you looking at? Are you still leaving?" Zhao Feifei said coquettishly, her face flushed slightly.

The afternoon passed quickly, and Shangguan Zetian didn't say a word to him for more than three hours. Even if he had something to do, he would call his assistant Luo Xiaoxiao or Rong Xiaoxi. But the rock man didn't show his face, and went about his business very quietly.

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Zhao Feifei didn't feel anything at first, she just thought that Su Yushan was joking with herself, but when she talked about this potion, she couldn't help but move in her heart, yes, Su Yushan didn't know that this potion was prepared by him, but she knew that this potion had something to do with it. It is very likely that Qianshan configured it himself.
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Zhao Feifei was lowering her head and sorting out the documents when she suddenly felt that there was an extra person in front of her. When she looked up, she found that Qian Shan was already standing by the front desk. She blushed slightly, but she still asked, "Is your arm really No problem, right? I have the potion with me, do you want to apply some?"
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Among the people who came from the Triangle Boxing Club this time, there is indeed a more powerful boxer, and his level is also higher than Shao Lezheng. Cheng Fighting came to see that boxer at first sight, and he is one of the more famous boxers in Lu'an City. , Sun Hongsheng.
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Seeing them coming, Zhao Feifei quickly gave Qian Shan a wink, Qian Shan turned his head to look outside, and was taken aback for a moment, thinking that this guy still doesn't give up!
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