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"Why is the Dugu family a fire pit? Dugu Linfeng is young and promising, and has one of the best reputations among the younger generation in Jiangcheng. Recently, the Dugu family was able to expand its territory in the American market and establish a branch company, all thanks to him!" .

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Yan Mengjia looked at him with a smile, with a mischievous expression on his face: "Boss, if you really think that I am excellent, the salary should be raised. If you buy a million-dollar red wine, I feel distressed after drinking it. You might as well give the money to me." Just give it to me."

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"Which hand did he use to kill?" Huang Wuji asked.

Chu Shaoyan laughed: "No, I don't have the idea of joining the Dao Shang Club."

But this time, the elder sister warned the little witch very sternly, and the little girl went back to her room angrily without even eating dinner.

The silent urging was not answered, but the biggest threat came again, which made Huading Goddess panicked and at a loss, so the proud she took the cooling method and kept silent.

His heart suddenly twitched in pain, but he felt a deep sense of powerlessness all over his body. Although Chu Shaoyan hated this feeling extremely, but there was nothing he could do, it was impossible for him to hurt Shangguan Zetian to fulfill his karma.

"If this is your sincerity, then I am willing to give mine..." Guan Nuoxue suddenly thought so when she fell, and her pink arms forcefully wrapped around the rock man's neck.

The old man suddenly sighed: "No! Recently, there has been a big problem with the drug road on the sea. It is said that a master who doesn't know the number of the road suddenly broke into the trading place, and finally capsized all the ships of the two sides of the trade, and no one was alive. If you stay here, the goods will be sold out. It’s almost a year’s worth of goods in the Huaxia region, and this big event happened, and Boss Dugu got the land king at the end of last year, and he’s also very tight recently!”

The two guys didn't even have the courage to say "no". In their eyes, Luo Daifan, the deputy mayor who was astonished as a heavenly man, was like a chicken and a dog in front of this person. He didn't even have a chance to parry. Its tiger beard?

While continuing the agenda, Huo Luan, Director of the Intelligence Countermeasures Department of the Criminal Investigation Corps, suddenly said, "I have reservations about Officer Ye's opinion. Li Yang is indeed feuding with the 'Golden Dragon Gang', Giant Ax Gang, and Butterfly Gang. As for the so-called Timing matters, as the saying goes, when a tree falls, everyone pushes it, and when a drum breaks, everyone beats it!" .

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The old man nodded: "Junior brother, the tens of millions you lent me last time, I know it was your painstaking efforts over the past few years. Although my Jinling Gang was wiped out in Stone City, the foundation is still there, especially the members of our gang. The old man still has his golden finger, and our Jinling Gang can regroup just around the corner!" .

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