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【student loan still on hold 】 "Xu Dahui, use your brain to think about it. If there are no spies in the gang, how can the Guam gang be so accurate in timing, and how would they know when and where we will pick up the goods? And how would they know which street we would pick up the goods from? least number of people?" Although Chu Shaoyan knew that Xu Dahui didn't say this to evade responsibility, he was still a little annoyed. 。

As soon as Shi Pinghu's voice fell, Chu Shaoyan's face changed! On the surface, under the guise of Toyotomi Maaya, Shi Pinghu is thinking of the local people! To put it bluntly, it is for my own sake! This time, the Sanlian Association has been repeatedly dissatisfied by the citizens in this city, but that is just dissatisfaction! Not to the point of anger yet! Even if the Sanlian retaliates thunderously against the Guam gang, the local residents will only be angry at best!

Suddenly hearing Ye Tianhe's question, Chu Shaoyan was taken aback for a moment, then raised his head to look at the hero who called the wind and rain in the Southern Society of Baodao in front of him.

Tyrion was well aware of these rumors and rhetoric.

Listening to the English songs on the CD, Chu Shaoyan gradually became more relaxed. Although he didn't know what Ye Tianhe meant by telling him to go to the Sanlian Club, Chu Shaoyan was sure that Ye Tianhe would not do anything against him. Come on, after all, Ye Tianhe has to consider the power of the Toyotomi family in the Ryukyu Prefecture, as well as his powerful power in the mainland! You have to worry about the meaning of Mr. Ye!

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Hearing what Chu Shaoyan said, everyone guessed that what Chu Shaoyan wanted to say must be very important, otherwise they would not be so anxious to summon them. Although they had such thoughts in their hearts, they still didn't speak, but waited for Chu Shaoyan to speak.
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Mike stuck out his tongue excitedly, licked his lips and said with a contemptuous expression: "Mr. Chu, do you need to teach these two bastards a lesson?" Mike asked Chu Shaoyan respectfully.
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All prophecies have been corroborated by facts afterwards.
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"No problem." Chu Shaoyan quickly replied, and then said to Mike: "Mike, you stay here for now, and don't conflict with these special police officers until I come back!"
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Wilder has prepared everything in advance for the real war. Compared with the future war between the living and the dead, the present war is child's play.
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As for making Bronn and Anguy knights, Welty didn't mention it either.
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The moon is in the sky.
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