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Looking at the wound on his face, it was still intact. He knew that Qian Shan was punched on the nose yesterday, but looking at it now, he couldn't tell that he was punched yesterday. ... how much does paying 200 extra on my mortgage save

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factoring of accounts receivable a secured or unsecured loan - mortgage went up due to escrow shortage . Money, you must have money first, otherwise you can't even afford the most basic medicinal materials, let alone a better medicinal bath... |.

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At the beginning, it was true that he told Qian Shan that he would send it out for testing, but right now there is a boxer in his club who is unable to participate in the next match because of an injury. If the medicine is effective, he can use it for that boxer today. Let his injury recover quickly so that it will not affect the next game.

"Yes, manager, Qian Shan just went in." Su Yushan blinked, "I think he is so mysterious."

Qian Shan replied, "Okay, my friend doesn't have much opinion on the price, but just told me that if you want a lot at one time, you must call in advance, so he should be prepared. He said that it is troublesome to prepare the materials. , and the prices of several of the main materials are also fluctuating up and down, so the price of these 100 bottles can only be given to you when you place an order, and the rest is not a big problem."

"Qianshan, where are you? Don't you come to meditate every day? What's going on today, why didn't you come to the rooftop?" Zhao Feifei asked suspiciously.

If he hadn't seen Qian Shan practicing boxing with that underground boxer before, Cheng Fighting would have thought him crazy, after all Qian Shan's understanding of boxing was superficial.

Seeing the bus approaching, Qian Shan shook his head and put aside these messy thoughts. .

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"Oh, that's it..." Zhang Chengzhou continued to look up and down Qian Shan with a beer glass, then suddenly shook his head, pointed at Qian Shan and said, "No, why don't you stand up and let me have a look?" .

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