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The reason for crying is that the old man Shan Guo is not optimistic about Jiang Li. After all, the old man Shan Guo is well-informed, and his analysis is likely to be true. ... seed capital interest free

test. show proof online to gey an instany=t loan approved and direct deposited Chi Gui laughed three times, but was interrupted by Jiang Li's slap. ….

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Well, this involves a question of luck... .

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Jiang Li grinned and said, "Don't worry, I will compensate you... I will give you whatever you want. If it's really not possible, Gu Xi will take you back to be a mistress." ...

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The sound waves rolled away, but what surprised Jiang Li was that the continent didn't collapse in his roar, but a large piece of the surface was blown up! Obviously, this continent is stronger than the Eastern Continent! It is indeed the continent formed by refining the essence of the original continent. It is really hard and terrifying!

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That is to say, the Fire Department was wiped out by this human being.

As a result, Jiang Li raised his hand and slapped him. Hearing a slap, a group of people were all swept away. They coughed up blood in mid-air. After landing, they rolled their eyes and passed out.

In other words, the Riyou God lost him...

Monsters and evil spirits are rampant, and the gods stand in the sky and look down on everything...

Xiao Yezi and the others were stunned for a moment because they knew that Karl had once been emperor. But when we were together, I never felt that Karl was special. But at this moment, they actually had a feeling of looking up to the emperors of the seven kingdoms! In terms of momentum, Karl did not lose to any emperor!

Mo Wenzhi opened his mouth, he really wanted to say something, but finally shut up.

Then the little guy made an eating motion.

"Give it to him." Jiang Li waved his hand lightly.

"Carl? Are you okay?" Lu Younan asked in surprise.

Carl also looked at Susu: "Is there a way?" .

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Hearing this, Jiang Li immediately understood what he said, and asked in a low voice, "Are you really losing your pants?" .

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