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The latter was a little flustered by him, and he said loudly: "I was originally a water ghost born in the river. When you led the disciples of Jianzong to go out for training, when you met me and other water ghosts attacking the boats on the river, you Sweeping the sword, I strangled all the other water ghosts, but I was lucky enough to escape the catastrophe, so I have the strength of my cultivation now!" ... what auto loans can i get with a 675 credit score

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How come after not seeing her for a while, she turned into the cowardly person she is now? .

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"What do you look at, it's not enough to take advantage of my mother once, but you want to take advantage of my mother twice, right?" ...

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"What's more, from the human world to the fairy world, there are not only changes in the energy of the heavens and the earth, but also the space skeleton, the avenue of the heavens and the earth, and more unexplainable things. ..."

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She wanted to catch a few remnants of the Demon Sect and ask about the Wuxiang Divide God and Demon Art.

Li Chong opened his mouth, his expression was full of bewilderment.

Just the next moment, Bai Xi's expression changed: "Be careful... dodge quickly!!"

At this moment, it was proposed by the owner of the Golden Palace, and they suddenly realized that there was something tricky in it!

They have already heard that the owner of this voice is the old ancestor of the Wang family, who is now the strongest in the Spirit Controlling Sect!

Even if you deliberately eat and drink, you often don't get much benefit.

After Wu Xianwang's body split into four parts, four different cries came out from each of the four parts.

"So... can the legendary fairy do it?"

The biggest possibility is that in that terrifying mining area, his cultivation base was corroded by all kinds of weirdness, his dao flowers were withered, and finally turned into a pile of dead bones and died.

"Is it really a dream? No..." .

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Looking at the name bound to him, Li Hong was completely helpless: "Send Jun Chengdao Li Zhenjun... okay, okay, it's not impossible to call this name, hey, someone sent me a message?" .

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