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【how to get a business woman loan 】 In such a state of fear, the Guam Gang felt that he was about to collapse. He gritted his teeth suddenly, let out a roar, and then rolled on the spot, trying to pull the trigger in his hand at the same time. 。

At the same time, Chu Shaoyan jumped on the spot, rushed out from behind the tree, and rushed towards the two of them... For a moment, Chu Shaoyan exerted the explosive power in his body to the limit. He was like a leopard, with a flash of his figure, he was already in front of the two big men!

"Mayor Chen..." An official had a strange expression on his face. To him, Maaya Toyotomi's behavior was a great insult to them! In order to welcome Toyotomi Maaya's arrival, they prepared everything meticulously, and even booked the Ryukyu Governor's Suite in the best hotel in Harbor City.

Facing Ye Ruoxi's request, Chu Shaoyan did not refuse. He nodded, and then took Ye Tianhe's ashes to Ye Ruoxi's room.

"Stop coming!" Ye Ruoxi pouted and said, "My father said that Nanxiong's Uncle Hai will come to pick us up in person. Nanxiong is Uncle Hai's territory. How can I use you?" Protection?"

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"You mean, it's that kid?" Someone asked at the moment.
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Chu Shaoyan opened his eyes quietly, and his heart was shocked: it turned out that she was the former mistress of the Butterfly Gang who had been hospitalized all this time - Hua Youlan!
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At this moment, the faces of the five killers suddenly changed. The slightly timid expressions on their faces disappeared without a trace for a while, replaced by a look of killing intent. At this moment, they were murderous, and the five of them had reached an agreement. Since they were all dead anyway, they decided to take the risk of killing Chu Shaoyan and the others.
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"Mr. Jiang is right. Since the matter happened, it needs to be resolved. I, Ye Tianhe, have always been very clear about rewards and punishments. Mr. Jiang, you don't have to worry." Ye Tianhe said lightly.
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"Ruoxi, these are your favorite fruits and snacks, eat them quickly." Zhang Haohai made a gesture to make the servant retreat, and said to Ye Ruoxi with a smile.
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Everyone laughed when they heard Chu Shaoyan's words. To them, ten thousand dollars was just a small amount, not enough for them to lose at once, but the attitude of the casino greatly satisfied their vanity.
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Chu Shaoyan sat up, and the dilapidated sofa under him let out a weak moan, as if it was about to collapse. Chu Shaoyan stretched, and then came to the bedside.
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Just at the entrance of a villa by the sea, a group of big men in black stood there, guarding the villa and preventing anyone from entering. Those people are Xu Dahui's subordinates. One of the things that Chu Shaoyan asked Xu Dahui to do yesterday was to gather all the ferry captains in Ryukyu Prefecture together!
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