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Even though everyone couldn't see any attack, the degree of space fragmentation suddenly intensified, and the void was torn apart with terrible scars. It was like a ferocious magic eye slowly opening, and the formless magic light in the eyes swept towards one of the taboos. power! ... what is a promissory loan

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"Uh...since fellow daoists are here..." ...

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"What's going on, who is that man in black?"

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Immortal King Kunji's face was as gloomy as water: "However, even the era of innate gods and demons has come to an end, not to mention your strength is far inferior to innate gods and demons..."

"Is it the legendary Heavenly Yin Realm?!"

Without waiting for An Ran to refute, the girl continued to laugh and said, "Anyway, there is no one else to ask, right?"

It is true that seeing the figure in white once brought hope to everyone.

While eating, one of the golden immortals suddenly raised his head and looked at the maid who had been standing not far away.

When Zu Chuan went down to the realm, he encountered Emperor Xianqin, and was sent away on the spot by the secret treasure made from the fragments of Feixiantai, and delivered to An Ran.

【Connected successfully】

According to his experience, the strongest marriage recruitment system will also give certain information about the target object. The stronger the target, the less information, and it may even be incomplete.

"That is to say, He forcibly crossed the catastrophe again and again...There must be some kind of deep meaning!"

Each of the three supernatural powers used to deal with "Bull Rider Li Boyang" came from a giant in the restricted area. They were used to deal with Li Boyang, but now they are coming to An Ran head-on! .

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An Ran's thoughts became more and more ups and downs. .

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