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online loan installment where to get an online loan .Su Ran, who was a hundred meters away, didn't hear the conversation of the three masters. He was adjusting his breath on the spot, and his figure returned to normal. Since the fury was only on for less than a second, the small meat ball in his throat hurt a little, but It doesn't affect the vocalization too much, it just makes the voice slightly hoarse. .

Su Ran grabbed the blood whip with his right hand. .

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"Yes, quickly offer the Moon Secret Stone."

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Su Ran chatted with Wang Baiji and the others again, and then they each took their leave.

Some Gu masters can use flying Gu worms, but Su Ran can't fly, so it will be very troublesome to fight.

Su Ran came back to her senses, stopped paying attention to Jue Yue, and said seriously: "I need a spirit Gu."

Even if the gang members don't have the Gu worms that Su Ran wants, they will go to other Gu masters to collect them.

Using the three abilities together, Su Ran has never tried it in private.

With a leap, he jumped fifteen meters directly.

"There is no need to listen to any big arguments about this Gu skill, to put it simply, Gu skill is a kind of use of Gu insects.

There is no real-time odds in Gu Arena, they are all calculated according to the betting pool, and the odds will be calculated after the battle is over.

Su Ran ignored the angry eyes of Immortal Gu, pinched a secret stone, shook it, and said lightly: "Come here."

Su Ran took over the spirit Gu. .

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Su Ran nodded and said, "Yes." .

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